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Ortho-Images true RGB (TVIS)


Results on real image ortho rectified visible at all points, from Digital Surface Model allowing cartographic treatment of all its components.

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Digital Terrain Models (DTM)




Numeric data structure generated from the last echo of the pulse emitted by the laser. This model represents the spatial distribution of terrain altitudes.


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Applications in high-voltage lines



Representation of data captured by the system using georeferenced points. The point clouds can be classified as elements, which can be defined by the customer.

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Planimetry - Cartography




The part of the topography that studies the set of procedures that tend to get the scale representation of all the interesting details of the land on a flat surface.

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Digimapas celebrates 10° anniversary

Digimapas celebrates its 10th anniversary with more than 400 projects and more than 13 million hectares mapped

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New equipment with more pulses

Digimapas Chile has acquired his new airborne survey system, with the highest lidar pulse rate presently available, together with the latest software for the post processing of elevation and image data.




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