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Digimapas Chile Ltda.

Digimapas Chile Aerophotogrammetry Ltda (DMCL). Began operations in December 2005, to meet the increased global project aero processing high-resolution laser system and digital cameras to Forestal Arauco SA DMCL mapping began operating in October 2006 after being imported, installed and tested Harrier its unique sensor Dual System 56 made in Germany.

Until today, DMCL has mapped through his "HARRIER 56 DUAL CAM" and "TRIMBLE HARRIER 68i" airborne systems more than 12,000,000 hectares of high resolution and high accuracy products for a scale of up to 1:2,000. Products include DTMs, DSMs, LiDAR point cloud, true ortho RGB images (VIS), true ortho infrared images (CIR), contour lines and planimetric maps for all available formats.

DMCL now has the ability to map and process approximately 350,000 hectares of high standard products (1:2.000) monthly. To ensure its performance, 6 airborne platforms are fully approved and permanently available for any operation within the territory of Chile and other countries of the Americas. The processing center in Santiago de Chile, has over 50 computers in almost 24 hours operation plus 5 additional computers in the areas of operation. The flight operation and ground team, plus the processing and quality control specialists in the Santiago headquater sum to a total of 38 highly qualified professionals. Additionally, DMCL uses a team of 15 especially trained temporary employees for the purpose of editing data.

The entire DMCL team has generated since the last 9 years, a huge amount of experience, accompanied by various training courses, which the providers of each component of their systems has and will give to the DMCL team to maintain the permanent and supervised production of high resolution and high accuracy products.