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Digimapas Chile offers Digital Camera to produce air rises rapidly, on time and with higher exactitude (height 10 cm) and resolution (25 cm). We respond to their needs to a 1:500 scale mapping world, at any time, under almost any weather conditions and even under areas covered by dense vegetation.


1.) Customer defines its area of interest.
2.) Customer requirement defines the type of product you need.
3.) Customer defines the accuracy and resolution of the product.
4.) Customer defines the time of delivery of the selected product. 1.) DMCL delivered a detailed proposal.

1.) DMCL arranges all necessary authorizations and permits for the project.
2.) DMCL performed a ground survey quality control and navigation.
3.) DMCL aerial survey and make a further analysis of the flight.
4.) DMCL processes all data in its processing center in Santiago.
5.) DMCL makes the final delivery to Customer.